We will guide you to the best lenses for your prescription and frame selected.
We specialise in high end, high performance lenses from Essilor, complete with the perfect index and finish to give the best possible cosmetic finish and optics.

In our sight test room we now have an R800 allowing us to test your eyes to the accuracy of 0.01 instead of the industry standard of 0.25. Again ensuring the best possible vision for you. deliver.

As an independent optician we have access to all of the top lens manufacturers’ innovations. Our varifocal of choice is the Essilor X-clusive 4d a completely tailored personalised lens requiring additional measurements for personalised vision.



The new improved single vision lens of the future now available See. Protect. Prevent. Eyezen is a range of eye protection lenses designed for those who live a connected life. Whether you work in a digital environment, are a regular video game marathon enthusiast, or hooked on social media, Eyezen lenses may aid in preventing any potential damage due to daily exposure to harmful blue-violet light.

Blue protect lenses

There are many anti reflective coatings on the market at Barnabys we recommend Essilor Crizal prevencia, providing protection against harmful bluelight whilst still giving all the benefits of Essilors other leading anti reflection coating.  Prevencia lensesLatest research into AMD (Age related macular degenarartion-biggest cause of vision lost in the developed wordld) suggests the most damaging light reaching the back of the eye is not UV but VISIBLE violet light. This new technology enables lenses to block a significant proportion of this wavelength, reducing retianal cell death by around 25%.  (this is in addition to the EPS built into our S-Series varifocal lenses).

Crizal lenses

If your preference is for a traditional green anti reflection coating at Barnabys we recommend Essilor Crizal Forte UV, which is the first clear lens on the market to maximize protection against UV from the front AND back surface of the lens, while ensuring the maximum clarity of vision.

Other specialist lenses include amazing mirror finishes, occupational lenses, safety eyewear and many more tailored options are available at Barnabys. Simply call in for a personalised recommendation.

Longer lasting lenses with added UV protection. For more information on children’s eyewear and eyecare *link to new page?*

(1) Harmful light = UV and blue-violet light

(2) For Eye Protect SystemTM lenses with Crizal Forte® UV, 25% decrease in light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter. For standard lenses: Orma 1.5 or Airwear 1.59 with Crizal Forte® UV, about 7% decrease (mathematically modelled).The E-SPF® index depends on the lens material itself and the coating. E-SPF® is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by 3rd party experts. Lens performance only. The E-SPF® index excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer’s morphology, frame shape, position of wear).

(3) Based on In Vitro photoprotection tests on retinal cells. Smart Blue Filter™ lens feature provides a minimum level of efficacy, decreasing light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter: 25% (+/-5%). It depends on the lens material and the coating and can be evaluated by in vitro tests on RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium) cells or by mathematical modelling.

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